Cyber Security Reimagined

The security breaches that occurred during the last year impacted over half of the American population. Isn't now the time to take a fresh look at our approaches to cyber security? We at APF Technology certainly think so.  As a result, we strive to go beyond the conventional thinking of re-enforcing the Maginot Line.  History has taught us that no matter how strong the defense line is, it will be broken - from either inside or out. 

APF Enterprise Information Protection and Access Control Solution (IPAC) is the result of soul searching and years of hard engineering work.  While others continue to reinforce the doors and walls of the IT infrastructure,  we are heading towards a different direction of simultaneously maintaining productivity and proactively protecting what needs to be protected: the information itself. This combination of protection at all times and persistent enterprise-wide access control allows organizations to take control of the flow of information, while keeping information private even when the defense line is broken

A few user cases shows how APF transform the cyber security for your business, and take a look at the white paper.


APF will keep you sleep soundly at night knowing your information is protected - we promise.