APF Technologies is leading the way in creating a persistent enterprise-wide and policy-based information access control. We have decades of experiences in information security and architecture, so our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions for today's security problems.

The APF's IPAC is just the beginning to rebuilding information security architecture. The current information security and access control still follows the same model as when computer were first invested half a century ago. Even though the universal file system has extended the reach of computers to access files beyond its local drives, the access control is still implemented based on the same old logic: the file stays in the same location and is therefore subject to the same rules from the same file system. This process has changed since laptop and mobile devices have become mainstream.  Cloud storage, as well as the proliferation of USB drives, email, and peer-to-peer file transfer, are rapidly replacing the universal file system.  Files are being used and stored all over the place and by many people, so there is no way to keep all copies in check, which essentially defeats the purpose of access control. The APF solution is to change all of these factors by building persistent, enterprise-wide access control on all copies of a file - regardless of where it is or who owns it. This solution will revolutionize the way to govern and control information accessibility.

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