Always Protected File -- our promise

The Mission

APF stands for “Always Protected File“,  a promise that started with a challenge: keep data protected when all other measures has failed.

Unstructured Data Shield and Cyber Privacy Guard delivered that promise.

With decades of experiences in information security and architecture, we have created the right product for this mission: APF Unstructured Data Shield for enterprise and Cyber Privacy Guard for consumer. Both product revolutionize the way the files are being protected and shared. With either solution, owner can now protect the content of the files anywhere at anytime against any form of attach, while enforce the access control so only the right audiences can access the content.


The Management Team

Jonathan Miller
Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan is a career CTO who started as entrepreneur. Before his long successful career as CTO of JD Power and Associate and various businesses within S&P Global, Jonathan founder 3 successful high tech startups including iClick. Jonathan is a creative and strategic business leader with broad experience across startups, mid-size companies, and large public enterprises

Joe Norton
Chief Security Officer

Joe is a dynamic professional noted for developing, influencing, and implementing innovative strategies and leading large-scale business turnaround situations across a range of organizations from global multinationals to start-up ventures. He is recognized for his powerful ability to improve performance, reduce costs, and transform under-performing organizations and has supported various businesses in achieving a competitive advantage through digital transformation and implementing cyber security on a global scale.

Rockwell (Rocky) Clancy
Chief Marketing Officer

Rocky started J.D. Power’s Financial Services practice and grew it into 2nd largest and most profitable sector behind Automotive. He has extensive experience working with Boards as a consultant and director, specializing in customer-centric strategy. As a banker, he built strong cross-industry skills in marketing, financial, and risk management. International experience in China, Japan, UK, and Argentina.


Jun Yu
Chief Technology Officer

Jun is the creative force behind the APF Technologies’ grand breaking technology. Jun is the expert in unstructured data analytical and security as well as compliance technology. His 20 years experiences cross many industries from wireless communication to high performance trading industries to e-surveillance and big data analytics with sector leaders and pioneers including Motorola and HP Enterprise. 

Advisory Board

Jeff Henine
Member of APF Advisory board

Jeff is the chief revenue office at Ascent, a regTech startup in Chicago. He has extensive experience in helping build and scale early stage tech companies. His focus is on the Sales, Marketing and Customer Success functions and he is incredibly passionate about building organizations around the market and customer needs. He earned a BS from Bradley University and is certified Business Professional by Hecht & Associates in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation


As a young company stepping onto a growing path, we are constantly looking for fresh talent to join us. While we are still working out the details of job descriptions and requirements, if you are brave enough to embrace new technology that leads the way into the future, please feel free to drop us your resume for review, and we will be in touch with you shortly. The fields that have an urgent need currently are:

  • Experienced enterprise software sales executives and customer success managers.
  • Business leaders with experiences in business development or software engineering.

Please send your resume and optional cover letter to, and we will be in touch with you shortly.


APF Technologies is located in 1871 Chicago, one of country’s greatest start-up incubators. If you are visiting Chicago and find yourself in the neighborhood, stop by and have a chat. We would love to hear your feedback! Otherwise, please feel free to drop us an email or tweet to us. It motivates us to do better for you.

APF Technologies at 1871
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