APF Plus 

PAF Plus is permium plan the allows more file to be protected and more cloud space to share. Each Plus member can add up to 4 member to join his circle and share the benefit

Adding up to 4 members to the Circle 

Up to 4 more members can be chosen to join the circle and share the increased quota for protected files and storage. 

More files to protect and more cloud storage

Circle members can collectively create up to 5000 APF files and have 1G share cloud storage with up to 50 buckets. The file quota grows by 500 every year

One click sharing among members

Circel member can chose to put APF file as Circle Owned. The circle owned file are shared by members automatically, not other rules are needed

Shares ownership of files among members

All circle members are the owners of circle owned files and can change permission of those files


Individual privacy remains

Each memebr maintains total control of their own files that are not circle owned. Only the owner can change the permission on those files


Best for family or small businesses

It is the best way to work together and share the responsibilities.