A peace of mind for everyone,  a simple mission that the APF Technologies is created to do, knowing their digital asset and ever lost privacy are being protected. With decades of experiences in information security and architecture, we comes up with the right product for the mission: APF Cyber Privacy Guard.  The APF Cyber Privacy Guard, for the first time,  firmly let user to deny the access to the content of their digital asset by the big service providers.  When a user send out a email, share a file with friends, store files on the cloud, they no longer have to expose thier digital assest to email provider or storage provide or ISP any more. APF ensures all your digital assest are being encrypted at anytime anywhere, even the smartest artificial intellegence will not be able to extrct anything meaningful.

APF Technologies is located in 1871 Chicago, one of contry's greatest startup incubator.  If you are visiting Chicago and find yourself in the neighborhood, stop by and have a chat. We would love to hear your feedback. Othersise, please feel free to drop us a email or twite to us. It motivate us to do better for you.

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