APF Cyber Privacy Guard is an enterprise grade digital file protection and access control solution for your digital accessts

It is agreed that encryption is simply the best way to protect digital assets. It scrambles (encryption) the information contained in the file so it can't be read by human or machine unless it is reveresed (decrypted) with the same key used in encryption process. APF uses the most reliable and well recognized AES-256 encryption algorithm. In addition, APF uses individual key for each file without the possibility of having a master key. All those means that if you lost APF file to hacking or by accident, you have nothing to worry about. The same can not be said if you lost a normal file.

APF Access Control is what set us apart from any other solutions. We understand your digital assests are for sharing. Other encryption solution will not let you share encrypted file without giving up your password. APF, on the other hand, never need a password for you to encrypt files. Instead, APF let you share encrypted APF file and set access permission for people you allow to access. The example on the left demonstrated the process. Jim shared an APF file with Bob and set permission for Bob, so APF decrypte the APF file for Bob and now he can work with the file. Bob forwards the same APF file to Mike. But Since Jim didn't give permission to Mike, APF does not allow Mike to decrypt the file so he can't access to the content of the file, even though he has the file on his possession.

Cloud storage is the best way to keep files safe and to share with family and friends. Unfortunately, it poses greater possibility that the contents of your digital assets may get stolen or being misused. As technology advances, so do the ways to extract and analyze the information from people's digital assets. Just a few years ago it was cost prohibitive to analyze pictures, but Machine Learning and AI has made it so easy to extract biometrics from a pictures today. There is no way to tell what kind of information could be extracted from your digital assets in a few years.  APF provides the best way to future prove the protection.  You simply stores the APF files instead to the cloud,  which is NOT machine readable in the foreseeable future, guaranteed.