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It is fair to say that this attack put the nation’s cybersecurity into crisis mode, as noted by Brad Smith, the President of Microsoft, but not panic mode – yet. We believe the best way to prevent such an attack is to add data protection by UDS that would stop the attackers from accessing the files and emails they are after

Unstructured Data Shield, APF’s enterprise data protection solution, is the only purposely built solution for unstructured data, the forgotten elephant in data security. It is designed to prevent the data loss from files and emails, the primary target of the Solarwinds supply chain attack.

Unstructured and semi-structured data, counted over 80% of all the data in an average organization and projected by IDG to grow to 93% by 2023, is completely exposed without protection today. Those data has become the primary target of hacking activities and most often the direct or indirect source of the damage caused by cyber breaches. In fact, 72% of HIPAA data loss in Q1 of 2019 are from unstructured data. This trend is confirmed by Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report 2019 which shows the  73% of data breach happened on the servers and PCs storing unstructured data vs only 14% on the servers hosting databases. UDS is designed to ensure those unstructured data remain inaccessible to malicious actors even on compromised devices that were the sources, which could be over 50% in any data breach incidents.

Unstructured data is one the most valuable assets and should managed and protected rigorously. it contains company’s sensitive data and IP and probably represents in some form or another the sum total of all the knowledge that has been created or collected in the organization, as well as customer PII or PHI protected by the laws including HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA. It should be part of any overall data protection strategy. “Too big to handle” is no longer a valid excuse to throw unstructured data protection in the back burner.

Built with the promise being “the protection when all other measures has failed”, Unstructured Data Shield is the best solution to ensure the safety of all data!


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