A Zero Data Attack Surface Enterprise Environment Enabled by UDS
– A Zero Trust Data-Centric Solution

What makes UDS different than other products? The answer is simple: UDS is a true Zero Trust Data Centric solution that enables enterprises to keep all the data, and yes, that is every data on every device, encrypted at all times: at rest, in transit, and in use; it forces every user to request access privilege whenever he/she accesses data regardless where and when, and the decisions are made on the least-privileged principles in real-time.

UDS secures data the moment it is discovered by replacing the clear data with data in enriched APFX format, a format secured by quantum computing proof encryption. From that point on, APFX data remains encrypted: when it is emailed as an attachment; when it is added to SharePoint; when it is uploaded to cloud storage; or when it is backed up. Simply put, it stays encrypted at rest, in transit, and in use anywhere and at any time.

Zero clear data leaves zero attack surface for criminals. 

UDS Is A Enterprise Solution With A Scale To Match

At APF we fully understand the data pool in today’s enterprise environment is enormous, and the number is growing fast as the digital transformation is in full force. Therefore, we designed UDS to be cloud native and expandable as needed. Our patent-pending technologies break every capacity and performance ceiling that limit other products and allow UDS to serve enterprises of all size with excellent performance. Providing UDS as a SaaS (software as a service), we take care of the details of growing the UDS cloud to match all business needs. Meanwhile, the data life cycle management by UDS, the first of its kind, can effectively remove end-of-life data safely and quickly to reduce cost and exposure.

We achieved the unprecedented scale by focusing on parallel computing to take advantage of the nearly unlimited horizontal expansion at a reasonable cost provided by cloud computing. Wherever possible, we break down the algorithms into pieces that can be executed independently to run them on multiple servers simultaneously; wherever the roadblocks appear, we innovate and create new algorithms to achieve the same or better. Four years later, we have UDS that can protect and control the access to billions of files by hundreds of thousands of users on hundreds of thousands of devices across the globe in real-time, a scale that has not been reached before.

Data Protection

The first quantum-computing proof encryption solution in a massive scale

Access Management

Encryption is only useful when coupled with the smartest access management for billions of files accessed by hundreds of thousand of users


GDPR,  HIPPA and GDPR, CCPA, NY DFS Cyber Security Regulations, all in one solution

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