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UDS is the next generation of unstructured data protection solutions. The zero-trust solution is designed to protect unstructured data in the form of data files, which account for more than 80 percent of total enterprise data.  Unstructured data were the source of data breaches in 95 percent of incidents during the past two years, including the infamous SolarWinds supply chain attack.

Secure at the source, and remain in control everywhere

UDS is different from all other data protection approaches in many ways, but one fundamental difference makes it the best solution for unstructured data: it secures a file at the source, replacing the existing file with an APFX file, a format that is secured by one of strongest possible encryption schemes. From that point on, the APFX file remains encrypted when it is emailed as an attachment, when it is added to SharePoint, when it is uploaded to cloud storage, or when it is backed up. Simply put, it stays encrypted at rest and in transit anywhere, and at any time.

Data Protection

See how we engineered one of the toughest encryption scheme

Access Management

Encryption is only useful when coupled with the smartest access management for billions of files accessed by hundreds of thousand of users


GDPR,  HIPPA and GDPR, CCPA, NY DFS Cyber Security Regulations, we take care of them all

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