For any organization, being able to manage the unstructured data is vital to maintain data security. It is difficult to secure the data you don’t know what it is, where it is and who should access to it.  Knowing the data is the first crucial step to secure them.  

Unstructured Data Shield provides a robust system to manage and protect unstructured data by allowing organizations to: 

  • Establish and identify ownership of the data
  • Establish Security Classification of the data
  • Categorize data with enriched meta data
  • Ensure data integrity by allowing only permitted users to commit changes
  • Maintain transparency by tracking each user who commits the changes
  • Ensure copies of the same data have the same access control 

UDS becomes your electronic asset management solution. It accomplishes this by not only securing your assets, but also tracking them in order to make these assets visible and to organize, manage and ensures its integrity. 

UDS turns your unstructured data into a valuable asset rather than a liability. Contact us for more information today to know your data.

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