Access Management for Billion of Files Used by Hundred of Thousands Users

  • Major step towards “Zero Truts” – UDS’s design of “Zero Trust” embraces not only two-factor authentication but also real time access control on every request for data access. User authentication is only half of the solution, though – the other half is to determine if the user needs and is authorized to access the requested data. Matching the user’s need to access and the requested data is what sets UDS apart from other solutions.
  • Access on demand – Users’ assignments and roles in any organization change, and their individual needs for data change accordingly. UDS uses the latest user management data to determine if the user is eligible to access the requested data in real time through Policy Based Access Control (PBAC).
  • Reduce complexity – Although PBAC is a very powerful tool to manage access to data, but solely relying on it would inevitably and vastly extend the complexity, which is how mistakes are made. UDS implements multiple access management facilities to address users’ needs. Each access management facility works to cover unique use cases, and in harmony they keep APFX files to stay encrypted anywhere at any time, all without sacrificing access by users anywhere on any devices.
  • Stop hacker impersonation – UDS is designed to stop damage from this common hacker tactic with a wide range of capabilities, starting with two-factor authentication. UDS also uses UI messages to inform users of background activities so that they can identify those they have not initiated, and on to hard stopping access attempts once the daily limit has been reached and delivers a real time alert to the admins. For users or bad actors trying to walk around the daily limit, UDS’s AI driven analytics identify potential pattern shifts and sound the alarm to the admins.
  • No privilege escalation – UDS uses flat, single layer access management. There is no segregated access path for admins. Uniquely engineered with an innovative approach, UDS admins don’t have extra access privileges based solely on their admin roles.
  • Tracing and accountability – UDS tracks all changes and every request for data access. There are no hiding places in UDS. While this approach was not innovated by APF, UDS takes it to an extreme scale to cover thousands of access requests to access billions of files, another first in the industry.
  • Early warning – UDS’s AI driven analytics are also a great tool to identify potential internal data leaks early on.

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