Organizations today spend millions of dollars to protects 20% of their data in databases, while leaves the rest 80%, known as unstructured data, exposed and unprotected. Attackers take advantage and exploit the unprotected data through Phishing, which are responsible for one third of all data breaches. Not only unstructured data itself contains valuable information, it is often proved to be a a pass way into the structured data. 

Any sensible data protection plan should include protection for both structured data and unstructured data.

Unstructured Data Shield features grand breaking Encryption at Rest 2.0 (EAR 2.0) to keep your data safe anywhere at anytime.

  • It protects each file individually with random key in order to provide the best possible protection.
  • It is a significant step up from disk or file system encryption which provides no protection at run time
  • It use identity based authentication makes access to the information traceable and subject to audit
  • UDS ensures all the copies of the same data have the same access control

Security can only be as strong as its weakest link. UDS protects the unstructured data with the same strength as structured data protection. Contact us today for more information. Don’t leave back door open for hackers.

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