APF Cyber Privacy Guard (CPG) is the user app to use the APF Cyber Privacy Guard Cloud Service. It is designed to be light weight file manager specifically to work with APF files to protect your digital assets and cyber privacy. It is not meant to replace the file manager programs like Windows File Explorer. The APF file manager allows user to create and open APF files, locally or on build-in cloud storage. It let user to see and change the APF file security properties and metadata to suite the need. It also allows user to create their own access rules to personalize the access control of their APF files.

Furthermore, it support search for APF files using file property and metadata, both locally and on the cloud. This can be extremely useful when the full text search of the file content is not available. To maximize the protection provided by APF CPG Cloud, CPG gives user the ability to create large number of APF files quickly and painlessly. With APF Meta rule, user no long need to manage the access on each file but simply includes designated term into the Meta tag and APF CP Cloud will do the rest.

APF CPG comes with built-in cloud storage that makes file sharing a breeze. User can work with files stored on the built-in cloud directly without the need to download them to local computer first. The built-in cloud can only be accessed through APF so they are protected even when your computer is hacked or infected by Ransom virus, an extremely valuable feature at the time of need.

Getting Started


APF CPG requires you to have Java 1.8 installed on the computer, 64 bit is recommended.

Windows 7 and newer

Please download java 64-bit SE from here: https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp. To ensure you have the correct version, we recommend to choose “Windows offline (64bit)” option.

Mac OS X

The CPG install package comes with Java 8 SE embedded, no extra work is needed.

Linux 64 bit

Oracle Java 8 is recommended. If you prefer OpenSDK, please install JavaFx 8 separately, or use Zulu community version which includes JavaFX.


Run it through manual or desktop shortcut. If you setup to have CPG as default program for .apf file, double click on any .apf file will start CPG if it is not running

Mac OS
Double click Application file.

If you want to start it from terminal, you have to install java SDK instead of SE in first step, since java SE doesn’t support command line. The following command should work through terminal once you have java 8 SDK: apfLauncher

Make sure the java is in you path. Then run the command from terminal: apfLauncher

Restart APF CP Guard

We recommend to restart APF CP Guard at least once a day. This help to clear up the memory which in turn makes application run better. APF CP Guard doesn’t cache anything so there is nothing to lose but everything to gain after restart. The APF CP Guard maintains no connection to opening APF files so they can stay open during the restart. Any changes made during the restart will be saved.

Sign up and Login

You will need a valid account to use APF Cyber Privacy Cloud Service. If you don’t have one already, you need to sign up for a new free account. When we say free, we mean it 100%. We don’t ask you for credit card to have a free account. You do, however, have to be over the legal age to consent the User Agreement.


Create New Account (No Credit Card Needed, you need to be 18 years or older)

An account with APF CPG is required to get started, and it is as easy to do as clicking on “New Account” button on the login page of CPG. We ask for 2 different email addresses and a phone number that can receive text, and you need to have access to at lease one of email address at the time when you sign up. It is recommended to do this from a computer you own or one you will use it often.

CPG is designed to be your cyber guard so security is paramount to us. Two Email addresses gives us the higher confidence that we can better protect your account. You email could be compromised, and when that happens, perpetrator can gain control of your account if that is the only way we communicate with you. However, It would be very difficult for someone to gain access to both of your emails at the same time and that is why we always send communications regarding your account to both of your email address, to give you the chance to catch the issue before terrible things could happen to your account. The text message to the phone you registered with APF will be another way for us to verify you when the question about account ownership raise.

Please remember the email addresses and phone number you have on the record, and it is important that you update them as soon as you lose access to any one of them. You will need them if you forgot the password.

Secure your CPG account

Password reset

If you forgot your password, you will have to follow the steps below to rest the password. You need to use APF CPG App from any computers you previously registered with us (those you can log in without being asked to receive a temporary token), and need to know the two email addresses you used in your profile, and have access to at least one of them within 24 hours or password reset request.

If you are suspect your email may have been compromised, you should

  • Protect your email account by reset its password
  • Log onto CPG App and verify that your account setting has NOT been changed.

If you suspect your CPG account has been compromised, you should log on to your CPG App to reset your password  through setting menu. .

Do more with premium plans

APF premium plans are designed to enable you to do more with CPG, not only to protect your digital asset, but share them with family and friends easily. For small business owners, it is the best way to guard valuable data against any form of hacking and internal misuse, without big price tag and IT expertise.

Upgrade is simple

Use CPG to protect and share your digital assets

Protection and sharing is easy
Built-in cloud storage protect files from ransomware