APF Cyber Privacy Guard

APF’s Personal and Small Business Data Protection and Cyber Privacy Solution, the Cyber Privacy Guard (CPG).

CPG protects your digital files using the strongest encryption available without you knowing anything about it. But We didn’t stop there like other guys do. We know protection alone is just hustle, not fun. CPG let you enjoy the digital assets and share them with family and friends  as you normally would without giving up the protection, nor the password.

With CPG, you simply tell us who you want to share with and we will make sure they are the only ones who will be able to access it, not some random IT guy works for the cloud storage providers, or someone who accidentally picked up you missing USB drivers, or someone who hacked into your computers with the intention to steal your assets.

CPG recognize that access to the file is privilege, not right. As the asset owner, you retain the full control of your asset even after you give the access to the file, unlike any other solutions.  When and if the situation change, we know well it happens, just let us know with a simply click of button and we will remove the access, even the other parties may still hold your files. They won’t be able to access the content after you removed their permission. It is just that simple


CPG supports Windows 7 and above, MacOS and Linux. IOS and Android is coming soon… learn more

Premium Plans

Besides the free tier, CPG provide premium plan that comes with extended feature for families and small business that has more asset to protect…learn more


Got question, Check out help section for videos and manuals. If you still haven’t find the answers there, head to our user forum and helpful hand is always there