Plus and Professional

APF Plus and Professional are premium plans the allows more files to be protected and more cloud space to share. Each premium account can add up to 9 members to form a trusted circle and share the benefit

Adding up to 4 or 9 extra members to the Circle

Up to 4 or 9 more members can be added to the circle and share the increased number of protected files and cloud storage.

More files to protect and more cloud storage

Circle members can collectively create up to 15000 APF files and have 5G shared cloud storage with up to 150 buckets.

One click sharing among members

Circle member can chose to put protected file as Circle Owned. The circle owned file are shared by members automatically, not access rules are needed

Parental Control

For families, the parents can add and associated accounts for the kids. All file's owner by associated account are automatically owner by circle to allow parent access