APF Enterprise Information Protection and Access Control (IPAC) Solution: Proactive Protection At All Time


Breakthrough Technologies


   All files are protected at all times with the best encryption

   No need to worry about key management - it is invisible

   Able to edit and share the protected documents the same way as normal files

   Policy-based access control gives organization full control of accessibility settings

   Patented Security Space design organizes the access control policies without extra workload

   Easy steps to create a protected file

With APF Solution, Protection and Control is in place


   Strong encryption: ASE algorithm with maximum key strength

   Individual key for each file limits damage in the worst scenario

   All keys are protected and separated from files

   Smart tracker to identify each individual file and their copies so the access policies apply to all of them

   Centralized policy-based access control allows instant change of access for all copies of the file

Comparison with Microsoft Azure Right Management




Azure Right Management



MS domain and MS SharePoint

File type supported

No limit

Limited to MS office suite files, text files, and image files

Permission set by

Company in compliance with governing policies

Individual who created the file

Permission attached to the file



Permission changes

At backend central server

Individual file

Permission change impact

All copies and revisions of the file, regardless of where it is and when the copy was made

No copies before the change, only the files copied after the change

Administrators  (IT) access to the content

No special treatment to the administrator; same policies apply


When employees switch groups

Their permissions change, even for the files they own

No change for the files they own

File permission change made by authorized business managers who understand the business need


No, only administrators