APF Podcast

In today’s digital world, privacy is becoming a lost cause — but it should not be, and it is worth a good fight.

How does our product protect and manage your data?

Security can only be as strong as its weakest link. If unstructured data is exposed, every other security measure can be compromised. Every single data security expert would recommend securing all data in an environment rather than only structured data. Unstructured Data Shield is designed to protect the 80% of unstructured data so the 20% of the structured data can stay protected.

UDS is designed to manage and protect the vast amount of unstructured data that comes in many formats and devices by: 

  1.     Classifying data based on the content and usage so proper access controls apply.
  2.     Protecting files with AES 256 bit random key, not password.
  3.     Storing the key on the cloud server, separated from the file.
  4.     Enriching data with extra metadata.
  5.     Centralizing access policies, determining access rights in real time based on data class and business roles.
  6.     Multiple administrative roles give businesses the ability to adjust access as business needs change.
  7.     Same access roles apply to all copies of the data created.
  8.     Eliminate IT personal access to content but still allow them to manage the data.
  9.     UDS and its team do not have access to your data or the contents of the data. UDS only manages access of the data based on the policy set by the organization.

By protecting all data, not only structured data, UDS turns a weak point into a strength and provides security and stability, allowing your business to focus on it’s daily operations!