When we claim that the APF's IPAC solution is ground-breaking technology which takes cyber security in a new direction, the inevitable question is: how can it improve your business?  Here are some answers. 

For Financial firms, here is how IPAC to achieve the information flow management for regulatory compliance.

For law firms, here is how IPAC achieve the separation of customers and secure delivery of confidential document.


1.      There will be no more plain files with your company’s confidential information on any employee laptop or mobile device, so you can be sure that when your employee connects to a public Wi-Fi hot spot, the potential discovery and damage to your files will be nearly eliminated - though the chances of being hacked or infected by a virus remain the same.

2.      Now, you can afford a few mistakes made by employees accidentally exposing confidential files to the unintended audience or public, through cloud storage like AWS or dropped or stolen USB drives, because without APF authorization, those files are just random bits.

3.      You won't have to worry about your confidential information ending up in the hands of your competitors because they won't be able to read them.

4.      No employee will have any excuse to keep plain files that contain the company’s confidential information in their possession.

5.     When an employee leaves the company, they won't be able to carry the company’s confidential information with them.

6.      Confidential information no longer needs to be accessed by individuals who don't need to, such as your IT team.  They still can access and manage the files, just not the information they contain.

7.      Above all, the information access is controlled by the central server and is in alignment with the company’s governing policy, to meet any government or regulatory requirement.

8.      The work flow for most employees is simplified to two buttons: open and create.